Pantheon Selection How to pick the right Pantheon in civilization 6 Gathering Storm. I put together a pantheon guide that shows my thinking process that I hope will be valuable to you. I combined each pantheon into a priority tier.It does not mean that the Pantheon is good or bad, but rather an order I would […]


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Civ 6 Tips Map You can find the coast by zooming in to a river and looking at which way the river flows – it always flows towards an ocean. Continental borders are marked by mountain ranges and geothermal fissures. Building a wonder expands city borders by two tiles. Press Alt key on PC while dragging your […]

City Growth


There are 4 components that impact your city growth in Civ 6 Gathering Storm. FOOD First, focus on food to grow your population, because city yields increase as population grows. Each citizen consumes 2 units of food. To increase food production early, improve tiles and build a granary or a harbor with a lighthouse, harvest […]

Gold Sources

How to quickly raise Gold in Civ 6 Gathering Storm? Review your government policies and ensure the most efficient selection is made.  Look at your luxury and strategic resources to see what could be sold to the AI.  Improvements / Resources: Make sure the gold producing resource tiles are improved. Many improvements provide higher yields […]

Build Order

Civilization6-build-order Generally, once you settle your capital, the first item to build is a combat unit to explore the area. Next, if there is no security threat then build your first Settler. Keep in mind the barbarian scouts start to appear after turn 7.  By turn 15 you should have enough gold to purchase the […]