Map Settings – Advanced I made general observations and counted tiles using the map search feature to get an idea of the percentage change. This is a total speculation based on a small number of tests. I do not have any knowledge of the algorithms and math involved. My observations are based on duel Pangea, standard continents and […]

Game Difficulty

The easiest and lowest difficulty level setting in Civilization 6 is “Settler”. At this level together with “Chieftain” and “Warlord” levels, the computer player is penalized with -1 combat strength. In turn, the human player receives combat strength and experience bonuses along with extra gold from barb camps.  Prince level of difficulty is the default, […]

Game Speed

There are five different game speed settings in Civilization 6 – gathering Storm: Standard is the default at 500 turns and 100% speed,  It might take an average player around 30 hours to finish all turns on a standard map size. Other speed settings proportionally scale the following costs: Research costs of technologies and civics […]